You must create a Control Device Group in EMS for each newly-added CR3 GPRS Control Device entry.

Click here for details on Adding a Control Device if you are using a version of EMS prior to Version 1.0.9 / 2.0.3 (Compliant)

Create a Control Device Group as follows:

1.Select Create Device Group from the DEVICE MANAGEMENT drop-down list. See Figure 154 below:

Figure 154

Create Device Group Drop Down

The Create Device Group window is displayed. See Figure 155 below:

Figure 155
Creating a Device Group (Selecting the Device Type)

Create Device Group Window

2.Enter the details for the new Control Device Group:
i.Enter a unique name for the Control Device Group into the Group Name field.

ii.Select CR3 GPRS from the Device Type drop-down menu.

Once selected, the previously entered CR3 GPRS Control Devices will be displayed in the Members list.

Note:The Logging Interval (Secs) field is greyed out at this stage.

3.Click on the required CR3 GPRS Control Device's names in the Members list. See Figure 156 below:

Figure 156
Create Device Group Window

Add Group Members Window


4.Click Add Group to add the new Control Device Group with selected Control Device members.