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Assigning a Reports Folder

EMS stores copies of the Scheduled Reports in the Reports Folder which is set-up and run by Users.

To Assign a Reports Folder

Custom Reports Logo

To Assign a Reports Folder

1.Within the EMS Configuration Utility (EMSConfig), select Reports Folder from the EMS Tools drop-down menu. See Figure 93 below:

Figure 93

EMS Config - EMS Tools Drop Down

The Reports Folder information notice will be displayed. See Figure 94 below:

Figure 94

Reports Folder

2.Click OK to continue.


Select the required folder from the displayed folder browser dialog box.


Select Make New Folder and name the folder as required.

4.Click OK to accept.

Custom Reports Logo

Customers may choose to add their own logos to EMS Scheduled PDF or RTF Reports; click here for details.