Figure 188
Typical Door Sensor/Switch

Door Switch

See the Hanwell IceSpy Sensor Options Technical Datasheet for more details on available Door Sensors/Switches.

Door Sensor/Switch Outputs

The IceSpy Door channel will read 0 while closed and the percentage of a Transmit Interval that the door was open; that is:

90 seconds for American (902-928MHz) units

60 seconds for Rest of World (433MHz) units

If the door remains open for longer than the relevant Transmit Interval, shown above, the Door channel will show 100%.

For an example output, see the Graph View, representing a Door Sensor on a fridge, shown in Figure 189 below:

Figure 189


Door Switch Graph2


From the graph, we can see that, most of the time, the door is closed, or open for a few seconds (percentages of the Transmit Interval), but the 100% reading between 08:00 and 12:00 shows that the the door was open for longer than the Transmit Interval over this period.