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Edit DB Logger Service

The Database Logger Service is the Service that passes data from the Hardware Services to the SQL database.

The Listening Port Name and the Listening Port No are set automatically during installation.

There is an option to change this information during installation; however, it is strongly recommended that the default values are used.

If there is a Port Conflict, please refer to the EMS IT Pre-Requisites Manual (Document Number: GD6101).

Editing/Viewing the Database Logger Service

1.Select Device management from the SYSTEM ADMIN list in the System drop-down menu. See Figure 580 below:

Figure 580

System menu - Device Management3

The Edit/View Control Devices window is displayed. See Figure 581 below:

Figure 581

Figure 65

2.Select Edit DB Logger Service from the DEVICE MANAGEMENT drop-down menu. See Figure 582 below:

Figure 582

Edit DB Logger Service

The Edit Database Logger Service window is displayed. See Figure 583 below:

Figure 583

Edit Database Logger Service

Note:It is possible that a new piece of software could be added to the Server, at some time in the future, which causes a Port Conflict.
Hanwell would recommend that the new item be given a different Port Number. If this is not possible, then a new Port Number can be allocated to the relevant EMS Service.
You will need to contact your IT Department or IT Service Provider to get a new Port Number.
Once you have the new Port Number, enter it into the Hanwell Device Listening Port No: dialog box. See Figure 583 above.

3.Once you are happy with the details select Update Details.

Warning:The Data Services will need to be re-started after the changes outlined in this Section are made.
All Hardware Services using the edited Port Number will need to be re-installed with the new Port Number set.