System Configuration Admin > Control Device Configuration >> Edit/View Control Devices

Edit/View Control Devices

Editing Control Device Details

1.Select Device management from the SYSTEM ADMIN list in the System drop-down menu. See Figure 551 below:

Figure 551

System menu - Device Management3

The Edit/View Control Devices window is displayed. See Figure 552 below:

Figure 552

Figure 65

2.Select [Edit] in the Actions column, on the line corresponding to the Control Device that you wish to edit.

The Edit Control Device window for the selected Control Device is displayed. See Figure 553 below:

Figure 553

Edit Control Device Window

3.Edit the required settings of the displayed Control Device Details.

4.When you are happy with the changes select Update Details.

Note:You will need to use the EMS Remote Management Tools to re-configure the Control Device Hardware with the new settings.