Edit/View Users functionality allows you to edit an existing user’s details; the following functions are available:

Edit - Allows passwords to be changed along with Email Address, Phone Number and Calibration Technician status.

Delete - Allows single or multiple Users to be deleted.

Privileges - Allows a User's Site Access to be assigned or removed.

To View Existing Users' Details

1.From the SYSTEM ADMIN menu, select User management. See Figure 325 below:

Figure 325

System Menu-User Management3

The Edit/View Users window is displayed. See Figure 326 below:

Figure 326

Edit-View-Edit Window2

2.In the Actions column, click on the required User's [Edit] control. See Figure 326 above.

The User's Edit User [User Name] screen is displayed. See Figure 327 below:

Figure 327

Edit User