A Line graph can be zoomed in on by using the mouse.

Zooming in on a Section of a Line Graph

1.Place the mouse cursor at the point you want to zoom in on.

2.Click and hold the left mouse button.

3.Move the mouse to highlight the section of the graph to zoom in on. See Figure 1150 below:

Figure 1150

Graph Zoom2

4.When the area required has been highlighted, release the left mouse button.

The graph will be re-drawn, zoomed into the area selected. See Figure 1151 below:

Figure 1151

Graph Zoom3

The displayed graph can be zoomed in on again, repeatedly.

Once the graph has been zoomed once, the Zoom Out button will be displayed in the Chart View for Line charts window. See Figure 1152 below:

Figure 1152

Graph Zoom Out Button

Clicking on the Zoom Out button zooms the graph out i.e. takes you back one 'Zoom In' step.

To go back to no Zoom in one step you can select Reset, though this will undo any other changes carried out to the graph as well.

Once the graph has been returned to an un-zoomed view, the Zoom Out button will disappear. See Figure 1153 below:

Figure 1153

Figure 176