Logging in to EMS

1.Open a browser and navigate to the EMS website.

If you are working on the EMS Server itself, type http://localhost/EMS into the Browser’s address field.

If you are working on another computer or device, you will need to use the URL, supplied by your System Administrator or IT Support provider, to reach the EMS server, this may be similar to \\ServerName\EMS for a LAN connection or www.mycompany.com/EMS for an internet connection.

The Login screen is displayed. See Figure 10 below:

Figure 10

Figure 1


2.If this is the first log in following installation of EMS:

i.Enter 'Admin User' into the User Name: field.

ii.Enter 'Admin' into the Password: field.

Note: The above are the default Administrator User Name and Password and should be changed at the first opportunity.

See also:

Changing your Password

Changing a User's Password

Adding Users

If this is not the first log in, enter your User Name and Password.

Note: EMS Passwords are case sensitive, EMS User Names are not.

4.Click on the Login button.

EMS loads and the live System Home screen is displayed. See Figure 11 below:

Figure 11

Homepage New