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Firewall Configuration

After installing the EMS Server Components, any installed software Firewall will need to be configured to allow connection to the Apache Server.

The Customer must add a Rule to allow incoming HTTP connections on Port 80; this Rule needs to apply to all networks that the Customer intends to allow browser access from.

If the EMS Server has a local Firewall, then this may need configuring to allow internal connections for the WCF Service on either the Default Port - 8082 - or the Port Number selected by the Customer for WCF Service use on install.

In addition, the Firewall may need to be configured to allow MS SQL connections, the default connections are TCP Port 1433, and UDP Port 1434.

If using EMS W900B to connect to an SQL Server on a separate machine on the LAN, then any Firewall on the SQL Server machine will also need to be configured to allow the incoming SQL connections.

If the Customer wishes to connect to remote SR2 or CR2 USB Units where no intranet is in place, then the Customer must ensure that all Firewalls are configured to allow connections between the remote networks over the requisite TCP/IP Ports.

Customers can use the Allocated Ports table, shown here, to assist with this process.

Use of CR3GPRS and/or iSense Sensors requires an outgoing connection from the EMS Server on Port 8081 TCP.