Hanwell Solutions Product Codes

IN-CO2-10 (10%)

IN-CO2-5 (5%)


For use with Dual Channel Voltage Input Transmitter (0 - 5V) - Part Number: IN-VT002F1 (NP3400)

Parts Supplied

12V Regulated power supply.

IN-LSC3.0 Hanwell IceSpy Linear Cable.

VaisalaTM 10% CO2 Sensor (GMP251B4B0C1N1) or VaisalaTM 5% CO2 Sensor (GMP251C4B0C1N1). See Figure 187 below.

Terminal block housing.

Figure 187

Vaisala CO2 Probe



TM - Vaisala and the Vaisala Logo are registered trademarks of Vaisala Ltd.

CO2 Sensor Specifications

Accuracy @ 25°C and 1013 hPA at 5 % CO2:

±0.1% CO2

Accuracy @ 25°C and 1013 hPA at 10 % CO2:

±0.4% CO2

Operating Temperature of CO2 measurement:

-40°C to +60°C (-40 to +140 Fahrenheit)

Temperature Dependence with compensation
0 to 20% CO2 between -40°C and +60°C:

±0.045% of reading/°C

Long-Term stability 0 to 8% CO2:

±0.3 % CO2/year

Long-Term stability 8 to 12% CO2:        

±0.5 % CO2/year

Temperature Range:
The probe can be installed in an environment with an operating temperature range -40 to+60°C (-40 to +140°F).


Make sure the probe is in a location fully representative of the measurement environment.

Power Supply Specifications

Output Voltage:

12V Regulated power supply

Output Load Range:

0 – 1250mA

Output Ripple & Noise:

150mV Max