Reset User Password

Note:  This functionality is only available to Users with Administrator privileges.

1.From the SYSTEM ADMIN menu, select User management. See Figure 299 below:

Figure 299

System Menu-User Management3

The Edit/View Users window is displayed. See Figure 300 below:

Figure 300

Edit-View-Edit Window2

2.In the Actions column, click on the required User's [Edit] control. See Figure 300 above.

The User's Edit User [User Name] screen is displayed. See Figure 301 below:

Figure 301

Edit User

3.Untick the Keep Old Password: box.

4.Enter the new Password into the Password: and Confirm Password: fields

5.If the User was also locked out, tick the Reset Lockout: box.

Note:  The Reset Lockout control will normally be greyed out and will only become active when the User is currently locked out.

6.Click the Update User button.