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Restoring a Backup

Restoring a Backup will Irrecoverably Overwrite Existing EMS Data, creating a new archive database in the process


Backups are restored from the EMSConfig Utility’s Backup Restore dialog. See Figure 1448 below:

Note:Backups can only be restored using the EMSConfig Utility.

Figure 1448

Archive Backup Restore

To access this dialog, select Backup Restore from the Archive menu.

To Restore EMS from a Backup

1.Select the required Backup entry in the Backup Restore window's table. See Figure 1448 above.

2.Click OK.

The Backup Restore Warning Dialog will be displayed. See Figure 1449 below:

Figure 1449

Archive Backup Restore 2


3.Click Yes to restore the Backup or No to cancel the Restore operation.

The Administrator Login dialog is displayed. See Figure 1450 below:

Figure 1450

Backup Admin Login

4.Enter the EMS Administrator User Name and Password.

5.Click Ok to continue.

The Backup Restore Operation will now run.

A message box will be displayed when the Backup Restore Operation has completed. See Figure 1451 below:

Figure 1451

Archive Backup Restore 3

6.Click OK to finish.