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Special Function

Note:The Special Function is only available for EMS Version 1.0.8 and earlier.

The Chart View for Line charts window displayed for Absolute Humidity/Dew Point Margin Sensors will include the Special Function button. See Figure 1198 below:

Figure 1198

Special Button Menu Bar

The Special Function feature allows the graph function to be switched between showing Temperature/Humidity (the default function) or Absolute Humidity/Dew Point Margin Margin.

Note: The Special Function button will only be shown in the Chart View for Line charts window if the Sensor types, highlighted in  Figure 1199 below, are selected from the Sensor Type: drop-down list in the Add Sensor window:

Figure 1199

Add Sensor special function

Switching the Graph Function

Click on the Special Function button in the Chart View for Line charts window to toggle between the default display settings - Temperature/Humidity - and AH (Absolute Humidity) and Dew Point Margin Margin. See Figure 1200 below:

Figure 1200

Special Button Toggle 1


Special Button Toggle 2

The graph will redraw to show the selected parameters.