Summary Data is available for most Sensor types.

Displaying Summary Data for the Selected Time Interval

Click on the View Summary button in the top menu bar of the Chart View for Line charts window. See Figure 1194 below:

Figure 1194

Summary Data Button Menu Bar

The Data Summary window is displayed in a new browser window, showing Summary Data for each parameter for the selected Time Interval.

Each Channel's data is shown on a separate tab. See Figure 1195 below:

Figure 1195

Summary Data Window

In this example, clicking the Humidity tab will display Summary Data for the Humidity parameter. See Figure 1196 below:

Figure 1196

Summary Data Window Humidity

As another example, a Data Summary window for a Cumulative Lux (light) Sensor could be displayed.  See Figure 1197 below:


Figure 1197

Summary Data Window Light