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EMS Server Removal

It may on occasion, be necessary to do a complete removal of the EMS Server components; for instance if moving from one variant of EMS to another.

Note:You must be logged in as an Administrator on the Local System to carry out this process.

Uninstalling EMS – All Operating Systems

1.Open Control Panel.

2.Click on


Programs and Features (Programs > Programs and Features)


Uninstall a program

Note:The option displayed will depend on your computer setup.

The Uninstall or Change a Program MMC window will be displayed.

3.Select EMSServer.
4.Click Uninstall.

If the Programs and Features dialog box displays, see Figure  130 below, click Yes to continue.

Figure 130

Programs and Features Uninstall

If the User Account Control dialog box is displayed, see Figure 131 below, click Yes to continue.

Figure 131

User Account Control Remove Server

If the EMSServer information dialog box is displayed, see Figure 132 below, click OK to continue.

Figure 132

EMS Server A Setup Must Update

If a Command Prompt is displayed with a fatal error message, see Figure 133 below, click in the Command Prompt (C:/) and press Enter. This may happen more than once.

Figure 133

Command Prompt

A series of EMSServer dialog boxes will be displayed until the Uninstall operation has completed and only the Programs and Features MMC window is displayed.

Note:The operation to remove the EMSServer program can take several minutes.