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This section provides answers to some of the more common issues associated with EMS.

For answers to a wider range of possible issues, consult the Frequently Asked Questions section.

For a comprehensive Hanwell IceSpy troubleshooting protocol, go HERE.

Database Questions (SQL/Data Storage)

When I create a New Database from EMSConfig, I get a TargetInvocationException message?

EMS does not work after a Microsoft SQL update?

When I browse to EMS I see text with SQL login or connection errors; or the EMSData Service is showing SQL login or connection errors in the Application Event Log; what can I do?

Network, E-mail, Connection and Control Device Questions

There is no data arriving from my Selsium Base, or my ARB Module shows no Alarm screens, what can I do?

User Interface & Browser Questions

Graphs are not displaying properly, and/or date time pickers not working with Internet Explorer?

Date Time Pickers not Working

Blank Graphs on Internet Explorer 10

EMS does not display properly in my browser after an upgrade?

Fields Sunken and/or Display Incorrectly after Upgrade

Possible Issues Related to Windows Power Settings

Windows power settings can have a significant effect on Start-up, operation of Services and on USB / Network Communications with connected devices.

The majority of Power Setting issues are seen with the Windows 10 Desktop Operating System, which is one of the reasons Hanwell strongly recommends running the EMS Server components on a Server Operating System.

Power Settings tend to be much more aggressive by default on laptop machines, which is why Hanwell strongly recommends against using the as part of an EMS installation.

hmtoggle_plus1Loss of communications with SR2, CR2 or IceSpy Base Equipment
hmtoggle_plus1Data not being saved to the Database
hmtoggle_plus1Multiple Elapsed Time alarms on System start-up
hmtoggle_plus1EMS SR2 Service cannot connect to the Data Service - No data from SR2s after start-up