1.From the SYSTEM ADMIN section of the System menu, select Device management. See Figure 146 below:

Figure 146

System Menu-Device Management

The Edit/View Control Devices window is displayed. See Figure 147 below:

Figure 147

Edite-View Control Devices

2.Select Add Device from the DEVICE MANAGEMENT drop-down list. See Figure 148 below:

Figure 148

Add Device Drop Down Menu

The Add Control Device window is displayed.  See Figure 149 below:

Figure 149

Add Control Device Window


3.Enter a unique name for the CR3 GPRS Unit in the Control Device Name field.
4.Select CR3 GPRS from the Device Type pull-down menu.
5.Enter the serial number of the CR3 GPRS Unit into the Device Serial No field. The serial number is printed on a label on the underside of the Unit.
6.Select the site where you wish to use the CR3 GPRS Unit from the Installation Site pull-down menu.
7.When you have finished entering the required details, click the Add Device button, to add the CR3 GPRS to the System.

A green message dialog is displayed and the CR3 GPRS Control Device is added to EMS. See Figure 150 below:

Figure 150

Control Device Added