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Calibration - Glossary of Terms


A Physical Hardware Device.


A Hanwell IceSpy Transmitter Device, one that transmits data from one or more channels.


This refers to a Single Channel such as an Internal Thermistor or External PT100.

The Calibration Software treats each Channel on a Transmitter separately.

Calibration Module/Calibration Base/Base

This refers to the USB Device used both for docking Hanwell IceSpy Transmitter/Sensors and for receiving Calibration Data from them.


For the purposes of this Document, a Calibration is the process of comparing an unknown but measurable quantity (Temperature or Humidity) with a known one.

It is important to note that a Calibration is just a comparison and does not refer to any correction that may be required.


This refers to the process of correcting a Channel’s output using previously gathered Calibration Data.

Once an adjustment is carried out, the original Calibration is considered invalid and, subsequently, the device will need Recalibration.

Unit Under Test/ Test Unit/ Device under Test

The Device that is being compared to the Reference Device.

Reference Device/ Reference Unit

This is a Device with a known Documented Calibration.  This is compared to the Test Unit to create a Calibration.

Hanwell Reference Devices transmit on a different frequency to standard Hanwell Devices.

Reference Channel

The actual Channel being used to Calibrate with on the Reference Device.

Test Channel

The Channel being calibrated on the Test Device.