Global Units functionality allows Sensor Properties to be simultaneously changed for ALL of the Sensors in a chosen Site; for example, changing the number of decimal places results are shown to.

Accessing the Global Properties Window

From the required Site's Live View window, select Global Settings and then Properties from the View Data menu. See Figure 809 below:

Figure 809

Global Properties Drop-down

1.The Global Settings - Properties window is displayed. See Figure 810 below:

Figure 810

Global Properties Window

To Set Global Properties:

1.Select the required Family Type and Sensor Type from the respective drop-down lists. See Figure 810 above.

The Global Properties - Properties window is expanded as in the following example. See Figure 811 below:

Figure 811

Global Properties Window - Sensors


2.Check that the correct radio button - Calibration or Alarm - is checked at the top of the Global Settings - Properties window, depending on the parameters you wish to apply Global settings to.

3.In the left hand 'tree', tick the boxes next to the names of the Zones you wish to apply the Global settings to. See Figure 812 below:

Figure 812

Global Settings - Properties LH Tree

Note:Ticking the box adjacent to the Site's name will select all of the Site's Zones.

3.Check the boxes next to the particular parameters whose values you wish to apply globally to the Zones selected in 2. above. See Figure 813 below:

Figure 813

Global Settings - Properties Parameter Selection

The selected parameters' previously greyed out boxes become active, allowing the values to be edited if necessary.

Note:Checking the box shown in Figure 814 below selects all of the listed parameters to apply globally:

Figure 814

Global Settings - Properties - Select All

4.Click on the Apply Global Settings button to apply the selected parameter's values to the selected Zones.

You are returned to the original Global Settings - Properties window, which now displays a green dialog box stating the settings have been applied. See Figure 815 below:

Figure 815

Global Ssetting-Properties Green Dialog