In the event of radio data failure, EMS Sensors can backfill the last 6 days of data into the EMS database using using RFID communications.

Sensor Backfill

Place the Sensor in the RFID cradle on the ARB Module making sure the top of the Sensor is orientated towards the top of the ARB Module. See Figure 239 below:

Figure 239


The OLED display will show the RFID symbol in the centre of the display, with the Sensor serial number top left, and a progress indicator moving left to right along the bottom of the display. See Figure 240 below:

Figure 240

 ARB Unit RFID Symbol        

When backfill is completed, the display will show the RFID symbol with a tick underneath. See Figure 241 below:

Figure 241

         ARB Unit RFID Complete

Should the backfill fail, the RFID symbol will be displayed with a cross; in this case, remove the Sensor from the cradle and wait for the ARB Module to return to the normal state, before retrying the backfill operation.