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3rd Party Equipment Control (MS1000)

The Hanwell MS1000 Control System is a physical interface between EMS and 3rd party control equipment, for example a Building Management System (BMS).

It is designed to generate either latched voltages or currents corresponding to inputs, proportional to measured values, generated by EMS compatible Sensors.

Typical Applications Could Include:

Interfacing radio Sensors to a Building Management System (BMS).

Conservation heating Systems.

Bespoke heating control.

Providing signals to an Alarm Panel.

The MS1000 Control System Can:

Allow radio Sensors to directly replace wired-in Sensors in applications such as building environmental control where the 3rd party BMS can directly accept analogue signals.

Trigger relay outputs for alarm or control functions (e.g. motorised valves).

Provide a combination of all output types within a single MS1000 System.

Refer to Document GD6063: MS1000 Control System Installation Guide for more information.

Control Setup (Conset) Functionality