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Changing your Password

To change your own Password:

1.Log into EMS.

2.From the Dashboard, click on the MY ACCOUNT icon. See Figure 12 below:

Figure 12

My Account Change Password

3.Select Change password from the displayed drop-down menu. See Figure 12 above.

4.The Change Password window is displayed. See Figure 13 below:

Figure 13

Change Password

5.Enter your existing Password into the Old Password: field.

6.Enter your new Password into the New Password: and Confirm New Password: fields.

If the Password entered doesn't match in both fields a Warning dialog will be displayed.

Note:   It is not advisable to cut and paste the new Password from the New Password: field to the New Password: fields as mistakes in typing the password into the New Password: field could lead to an unknown password being allocated.

7.Click on the Submit button.