Connecting the External Receiver Unit

Note:Not all SR2s come with an External Receiver; some SR2s have an Internal Receiver with an aerial mounted on the top of the Unit.
In such cases, the following instructions will not be needed.

1.The Receiver Unit will come supplied with 3m of cable pre-wired to it. This should be wired to JP14 (see Figure 157 below) on the SR2.

2.Open the SR2.

3.Feed the RX Receiver Unit cable through one of the glands in the base of the SR2.

4.Connect the cable to JP14 as follows:

Pin 1: Unused (on left)

Pin 2: Unused

Pin 3: Yellow (RX data)

Pin 4: Red (RX power)

Pin 5: Blue (Signal Strength)

Pin 6: Unused

Pin 7: Green (GND)

Caution: Incorrect wiring can seriously damage the SR2; always double-check the wiring before connecting the power!
5. Screw the aerial onto the Receiver Unit.

Figure 157
SR2 Main Components – Schematic

SR2 Main Components - Schematic