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Create External Contacts

External Contacts can be specified when there is a requirement to email Reports or send SMS Alarms to people who are not EMS Users.

1.From the SYSTEM ADMIN section of the System menu, select User management. See Figure 362 below:

Figure 362

System menu - User Management

The Edit/View Users window is displayed. See Figure 363 below:

Figure 363

User Management-Adding New Users


2.Click on Create External Contact in the USER MANAGEMENT drop-down list. See Figure 364 below:

Figure 364

User Management Drop Down-Create External Contact

The Create External Contact window is displayed.  See Figure 365 below:

Note:If using an earlier version of EMS, the Create External Contact window may have a slightly different appearance to the window displayed below; however, it's functionality will be identical.

Figure 365

Create External Contact Window2

3.Enter the External Contact's User Name, Email and Telephone Number into the relevant boxes in the displayed window.

There is no requirement for a password as these users do not have access to EMS.

4.Click on Add Contact to create the External Contact.

Edit/View External Contacts