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Editing Sites

To Edit a Site

1.Select Sites from the SYSTEM ADMIN list in the System drop-down menu. See Figure 528 below:

Figure 528

System Menu - Sites2

After selecting Sites, the View Site window is displayed. See Figure 529 below:

Figure 529

View Sits Window Edit Highlighted

Note: For earlier versions of EMS, the View Sites window displayed will differ slightly as shown below:
View Sites Window Editing Sites Previous Version
Sites can be deleted via this window  (in earlier versions) as follows:
Either: Check the box or boxes next to the Site or Sites you wish to delete.
Or: Check the box next to the Site Name column heading to select all Sites for deletion.
When you are happy that you are deleting the correct Site or Sites, click on the Delete Site button.

2.Select [Edit] in the Actions column, on the line corresponding to the Site you wish to edit. See Figure 529 above.

The Edit Site window for the selected Site is displayed. See Figure 530 below:

Figure 530

Edit Site Hanwell

All Site details can be edited in this window, including the uploading of a new image.

3.When all details are correct, select Update to save the details.