Sites are the main access points to the System Data.

Each Site represents a single physical Site where receiving devices such as SR2 Smart Receivers, CR2 or CR3 Controllers are sited along with measuring Sensors/Transmitters.

Sites can also have Sub-Sites associated with the main top level Site.

Sub Sites are used where it is desirable to sub-divide a main Site; for example when there are large numbers of Sensors on a Site or many departments. Sub-Sites could be floors in a building or departments.

When Sub-Sites are used the View Data, User Alerts, Reports and Logs are not available from the top level Site. These functions are now only available from the Sub-Sites.

Up to six Sites can be shown on the Dashboard (Graphical View) at any one time.
When there are more than six Sites, additional Sites can be viewed in Text View.

Viewing Sites

Creating Sites

Editing Sites

Deleting Sites

Viewing Sub Sites

Adding Sub Sites

Editing Sub Sites

Deleting Sub Sites

Activating or Deactivating a Sub-Site's Alarms

Adding Sites to the Graphical Overview/Dashboard

Adding Company Details

There are two methods for viewing Sites:

1.Graphical View

Sites in Graphical View are represented by a square window, such as that opposite, which includes the following:

Site name

Picture of Site

Status Overview

System Alarm Status

Control Device status

Access to Data, Alerts, Reports and Logs


IMC Site Panel

2.Table View

Table View has all the functionality of Graphical View, but in a more familiar text format.

Table View is the best way to view large numbers of Sites.

Site Text View