Hanwell IceSpy Receiver

Figure 174

The Hanwell IceSpy Network Receiver receives radio signals from the Hanwell IceSpy Transmitters and passes them over a network to the EMS software.

The Hanwell IceSpy Hybrid Network Receiver will also receive signals from IceSpy System 5 Scout transmitters, Hanwell IceSpy Legacy and Hanwell IceSpy transmitters.

Hanwell Solutions Part Nos:

Hanwell IceSpy Network Receiver - IN-NR001x

Hanwell IceSpy Hybrid Network Receiver - IN-HR001-Fx

Where x indicates the territory-specific frequency, for example F1 for Europe, F2 for USA; this notation will be used throughout this Help.

Key Features

Wall mountable.

Internal aerials as standard – external aerials are a factory-fitted option.

Red LED for alarm (Normal state - OFF), green LED for power (Normal state - ON), yellow LED for communications (Normal state - ON). See also LEDs.

Mains powered from a supplied adapter.

TCP/IP communications.

Two on-board Relays, one configured for alarm activation - driven by EMS Local Alarms, one for communications and power failure.

RS485 output for optional Modbus or Hanwell Solutions MS1000 System Relay Cards - driven by EMS Local Alarms.

Memory lasts for 5 days for up to 50 Sensors.

IP53 rated.