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Hanwell Pro Repeater - Remote Receiver or Transmitter

Hanwell Pro Repeater Unit - Description

Hanwell Pro Remote Repeater Units are made up of two Units:

The Repeater itself.


A Remote Receiver or Remote Transmitter.

The Repeater and Remote Receiver/Transmitter connected by a four core cable.

The Units are designed to assist with Transmitting/Receiving signals from either one building to another or through Radio blocking obstacles.

The Remote Receiver/Transmitter should be  placed on the outside of the wall, as it is environmentally sealed; preferably in a protected location as high as possible on the outside of the wall.

A Repeater with Remote Receiver should be used if signals from another building need to be sent to a CRx or SRx Unit in the building where the Repeater is located.

A  Repeater with Remote Transmitter should be used to send signals from one building to another where a CRx or SRx Unit is situated.

The interconnecting cable should leave and enter the Unit's cases via the supplied cable glands and should be connected between the two four-way terminal blocks on the Repeater and Transmitter/Receiver Units one to one, as shown below:

Signal Type

4-way Terminal Block – Remote Transmitter/ Receiver Unit

4-way Terminal Block – Repeater Unit




RX signal



TX Signal






Note:Repeaters with a Remote Receiver/Transmitter will have a slightly reduced battery pack life of approximately 6 hours.

The LEDs will operate on the Repeater Unit as stated here.

The location of the Units should be selected as described here.

Caution:The Maximum inter-connecting cable length should be no more than 2 metres.