Hanwell Pro Repeater Units (latest version Mark 5) are wall-mounted boosters which receive signals from radio telemetry Sensors and re-transmits the signals on to  CRx Controllers and SRx series Smart Receivers, effectively increasing their radio range.

Hanwell Pro Repeater Units can also be used in challenging areas where obstacles and building materials lead to reduced transmission effectiveness for Hanwell Pro Transmitters.

For full specifications of available Hanwell Pro Repeater Units, please refer to the following:


This Section outlines how to install a Hanwell Pro Repeater and applies to all such Repeater Units produced after June 2018.

Repeater with Remote Receiver or Transmitter

Wall Mounting Repeater

Battery Backup

Testing Radio Range

Hanwell Pro Repeater Unit

Figure 191

Hanwell Pro Repeater

Hanwell Pro Schematic

Figure 192

Hanwell Pro Repeater Schematic