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Add Hardware Services

A Hardware Service is a Service that retrieves data from a Data Control Device.

Note: Only the EMS SR2 Hardware Service is still current.

The EMS SR2 Hardware Service's details will be configured on install.

There is an option to change this information during installation but it is highly recommended that the default values are used.

If there is a Port Conflict, this should be noted on the EMS IT Pre-requisites Document (GD6101) and a new Port Number specified.

Data Control Devices still controlled by the Hardware Service include the SR2 (Smart Receiver) and CR3 (Controller).

Adding a Hardware Service

1.Select Device management from the SYSTEM ADMIN list in the System drop-down menu. See Figure 584 below:

Figure 584

System menu - Device Management3

The Edit/View Control Devices window is displayed. See Figure 585 below:

Figure 585

Figure 65

2.Select Hardware Service from the DEVICE MANAGEMENT drop-down menu. See Figure 586 below:

Figure 586

Device Management Drop Down Menu Hardware Services

The Add Hardware Service window is displayed. See Figure 587 below:

Figure 587

Add Hardware Services

3.Select/enter the required details for the new Hardware Service into the relevant fields.

The 'Yes' Accept Legacy: radio button should be checked if the Control Device receives data from Sensors which pre-date the 4000/5000 USB Series.

4.Once you are happy with the details, select Add Details.

See: Document Number: IM5995 Hanwell EMS Installation Manual for further details.