System Configuration Admin >> Control Device Configuration

Control Device Configuration

Control Device Configuration enables the setup and configuration of EMS Services and Hardware Devices.

Warning:Changing Control Device Configuration settings will impact on System function, please proceed with caution.
If in doubt, please contact your local Supplier or Hanwell Support.

Accessing Control Device Configuration Settings

Select Device management from the SYSTEM ADMIN list in the System drop-down menu. See Figure 577 below:

Figure 577

System menu - Device Management3

The Edit/View Control Devices window is displayed. See Figure 578 below:

Figure 578

Figure 65

From the DEVICE MANAGEMENT  drop-down menu (See Figure 579 below) you can access the following Control Device Configuration functions:

Edit DB Logger Service

Hardware Services

Edit/View HW Services

Add Control Device

View/Edit Control Devices

Create Control Device Group

Edit/View Control Device Groups

Add ARB Module Sensors

Edit/View ARB Module Sensors

Control Device Sensor List

Figure 579

Device Management Drop Down Menu 2