Passwords will automatically expire, and need to be changed, after the Password Expiry time.

By default, User passwords are set to expire in 90 days, this can be changed by the Administrator using the Password Expiry (Days): field in the Password Security Settings window.

Note:Password Expiry DOES NOT apply to the Admin User password, which is always set to never expire.

On Login, Users are warned if their password will expire within the next 10 days and given the option to type in a new password.

The warning will countdown to the expiry deadline.

A new password can be entered any time between the first warning and password expiry.

The warning time can be defined by the Administrator entering the required value into the Password Expiry Warning (Days): field in the Password Security Settings window.

Once a password has expired, no further access will be allowed for that User until they enter their expired password.

At this point the System will force a the entry of a new password before any further progress can be made.

See: Accepted Values Ranges