System Configuration Admin > User Management >> Password Security Settings

Password Security Settings

The Password Security Settings are used to set the System’s Login security features.

Login security features apply globally to all logins; with some exceptions for the Admin User account, as detailed below.

To Access and/or Change Password Security Settings:

1.From the SYSTEM ADMIN section of the System menu, select User management. See Figure 320 below:

Figure 320

System menu - User Management

The Edit/View Users window is displayed. See Figure 321 below:

Figure 321

User Management-Adding New Users


2.Click on Password Security Settings in the USER MANAGEMENT drop-down list. See Figure 322 below:

Figure 322

User Management Drop Down-Password Security

Once selected, the Password Security Settings window will be shown, allowing individual password parameters and features to be defined. See Figure 323 below:

Figure 323

Password Security Settings Window

Click on the required Feature in Figure 324 above to access its definition.

Individual features and parameters can be disabled by selecting the associated Feature Off tick box in the right-hand column.

3.Click Update to apply any changes made.

Clicking Apply Default will return the Password Security Settings to their default values.