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Report Types

The following Reports, which can start and end at pre-defined dates/times and run at pre-defined intervals, are available in EMS:

hmtoggle_plus1Activity Log CSV Report
hmtoggle_plus1Activity Log Report
hmtoggle_plus1Activity Log Signature Report
hmtoggle_plus1Administrator only Configuration Report
hmtoggle_plus1Administrator only Users Report
hmtoggle_plus1Administrator only Users Signature Report
hmtoggle_plus1Alarm Log CSV Report
hmtoggle_plus1Calibration Report
hmtoggle_plus1Calibration Signature Report
hmtoggle_plus1Combined Individual Sensor Graphs Report
hmtoggle_plus1Combined Individual Sensor Graphs Signature Report
hmtoggle_plus1Daily kWh CSV Report
hmtoggle_plus1Email Log CSV Report
hmtoggle_plus1Exception Report
hmtoggle_plus1Exception Signature Report
hmtoggle_plus1Extended Exception Report
hmtoggle_plus1Extended Exception Signature Report
hmtoggle_plus1Government Indemnity Scheme Report (Heritage Only)
hmtoggle_plus1Half Hour kWh CSV Report
hmtoggle_plus1Individual Sensor Graphs Report
hmtoggle_plus1Individual Sensor Graphs Signature Report
hmtoggle_plus1Min Max CSV Report
hmtoggle_plus1Min Max PDF Report
hmtoggle_plus1Min Max PDF Signature Report
hmtoggle_plus1National Trust Environment Monitoring Report (Heritage only)
hmtoggle_plus1Sensor Data CSV Report
hmtoggle_plus1Sensor Graph Report
hmtoggle_plus1Sensor Graph Signature Report
hmtoggle_plus1Single Sensor Data PDF Report
hmtoggle_plus1Single Sensor Data PDF Signature Report
hmtoggle_plus1SMS Log CSV Report
hmtoggle_plus1Summary Report
hmtoggle_plus1Summary Signature Report