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EMS Software Licencing

EMS Feature and User licenceslicensesare activated using the EMSConfiguration Utility's Licencelicensemenu options.

Customers are strongly advised to keep copies of all LicencelicenseIDs and associated passwords, purchased for the EMS System.

Note:Activating the licencelicensefor the Validated variant of EMS requires a different procedure to be followed. See Online LicencelicenseActivation (EMS Validated) for details of this procedure.

Basic Online Activation Procedure

Online LicenselicenceActivation (EMS Validated)

Manual LicencelicenseActivation

Online LicencelicenseDeactivation

Counter Signatures (W901 Only)

Basic Online Activation Procedure

The easiest and safest way to activate licenceslicensesis Online. Hanwell recommends this method if possible.

Note:To activate a Licencelicenseonline, the EMS Server needs access to the internet.

1.Open the EMSConfiguration tool as outlined here.

2.Select the Licencelicensetab in the EMSConfiguration Tools' main menu bar.

3.Select Activate Online from the displayed drop-down list. See Figure 99 below:

Figure 99

Activate Online Menu Entry

After a few seconds, the Activate Online dialog box will be shown. See Figure 100 below:

Figure 100

Online Activation

4.Enter the required LicencelicenseID and Password.

5.Click Activate.

After a few seconds you will see a message stating that the Licencelicensehas been activated.

Online LicencelicenseActivation (EMS Validated)

Prior to activating the Validated Licence,licensea Counter Signature User account must be added to the System.

To Add a Counter Signature User Account to a System:

1.Login to EMS using:

User Name: Admin User

Password: Admin

2.Click Login.

The EMS Home screen is displayed. See Figure 101 below:

Figure 101

HomePage New2

3.Click on the Cog icon on the right-hand side of the top menu bar. See Figure 102 below:

Figure 102

Figure 266

The System drop-down menu is displayed. See Figure 103 below:

Figure 103

System Menu-User Management

4.Select User management from the SYSTEM ADMIN list. See Figure 103 above.

The Edit/View Users window is displayed. See Figure 104 below:

Figure 104

Edit-View Users Window New

5.From the USER MANAGEMENT drop-down menu, select Create User. See Figure 105 below:

Figure 105

User Management Create User New

The Create User window is displayed. See Figure 106 below:

Figure 106

User Details Window New

6.In the User Details window:

i.Enter a Username into the User Name: field; for the purposes of this Section, the manual uses User1 as the Username.

ii.Enter a password consisting of at least four letters (one of which must be uppercase) and four numbers into the Password: field.

Make a note of the Username and Password for User1.

iii.Enter the same password into the Confirm Password: field.

iv.Click Add User.

The Edit/View Users window is displayed, showing Admin User and User1. See Figure 107 below:

Figure 107

Edir View Users Window New

7.From the System drop-down menu, select Access Control from the SYSTEM ADMIN list. See Figure 108 below:

Figure 108

System Menu-Access Control


The Access Control window with buttons for Manage Roles and Manage Users is displayed. See Figure 109 below:

Figure 109

Access Control Window New


Click on the Manage Users button on the Access Control window. See Figure 109 above.


Select Manage Users from the ACCESS CONTROL drop-down menu. See Figure 110 below:

Figure 110

Drop-Down Menu Manage Users

The Manage Access Control window is displayed:

Manage Access Control 4 New

9.Click on [Select] under the Action column for User1.

A Manage Access Control window is displayed for User 1 . See Figure 111 below:

Figure 111

Manage Access Control 2 New

10.Click [Manage Permissions].

A Manage Access Control window is displayed for User 1. See Figure 112 below:

Figure 112

Manage Access Control Permissions New

11.Tick the box on the Counter Signature row in the Allow? column to assign Counter Signature Permissions to User 1.

12.Click on the Save button to confirm any changes.

You are returned to the Manage Access Control (Permissions) window for User 1, with the Counter Signature Permission added to the Existing Permissions for User - User 1 list.

A green tick dialog message box is also displayed. See 113 below:

Figure 113

Manage Access Control Updated Permission New

13.Click Log Out.

14.Follow the Basic Online Activation Procedure.

Manual LicencelicenseActivation

Where necessary, Manual LicencelicenseActivation is possible.

Note:Prior to activating the Validated Licence,licensea Counter Signature User Account must be added to the System.

1.Open the EMSConfiguration tool as outlined in Pre-Configuration Operations.

2.In the displayed window, select the Licencelicensetab then select Activate Manually. See Figure 114 below:

Figure 114

Activate Licence Manually Menu Item2

Note:If a Counter Signature User Account doesn't exist, the following window will be displayed:

Figure 115

Activate Manually Warning Window

For details on how to add Counter Signature User Account, click here.

After a few seconds, the Activate Manually dialog box will be shown. See Figure 116 below:

Figure 116

EMS Config - Activate Manually

3.Enter the required LicenselicenceID and Password.

4.Click Generate Request.

The Activation Request text will be displayed. See Figure 117 below:

Figure 117

Activate Manually Window Request Code

5.Copy this text to a text file and transfer it to a machine with internet access.

6.Open a browser and navigate to:



Copy the request text into the textbox.


Upload it to the Server. See Figure 118 below:

Figure 118

EMS Config - Licence Portal

7.Click Submit.

The Server will generate and present an XML licencelicensetext; copy this licencelicenseto a text file.

8.Return to the EMS Server and paste the licencelicensetext into the textbox provided at the bottom of the Activate Manually dialog box.

9.Click on the Activate button.

10.If the licencelicenseis activated successfully, an Activation Successful window will be displayed. See Figure 119 below:

Figure 119

EMS Config - Activation Successful

Online LicencelicenseDeactivation

EMS licenceslicensescan be deactivated to assist in migrating EMS to a new Server.

Note: Most EMS licencelicensetypes are limited to five deactivations; some licencelicensetypes cannot be deactivated.

1.Open the EMSConfiguration tool.

2.Select Licencelicensefrom the main menu and then select Deactivate Online from the displayed drop-down list.

The Deactivate Licencelicensedialog is displayed. See Figure 120 below:

Figure 120

Deactivate Licence 2

If you wish to deactivate an EMS Variant licencelicensee.g. W904:

i.Select the lower radio button. See Figure 120 above.

ii.Click Accept.

If you wish to deactivate an Additional Users or OEM licencelicensee.g. W902 or W915:

i.Select the Additional Users/OEM Licencelicenseradio button. See Figure 121 below:

Figure 121

Deactivate Licence 3

ii.Enter the LicencelicenseID in the text box.

iii.Click Accept.

A Warning dialog will be displayed:

Click Yes to deactivate EMS Variant Licence.license

Click No to cancel the operation.

Deactivation may take a few seconds.

When complete, a Deactivate Licencelicensemessage will be displayed when the Licencelicensehas been deactivated successfully. See Figure 122 below:

Figure 122

EMS Config - Licence Deactivated Successfully

Counter Signatures (W901 Only)

With W906 Validated EMS installed, and a W901 Licencelicenseapplied to it, Counter Signature functionality is DISABLED by default on your System.

To ENABLE Counter Signatures, use the EMSConfig Utility as follows:

1.Open the EMSConfiguration Tool as outlined in Pre-Configuration Operations.

The EMSConfiguration Ver: X.X.X.X window is displayed.

2.From the EMS Tools drop-down menu, select W901 Counter Signatures. See Figure 123 below:

Figure 123

W901 Counter Signatures Window

To DISABLE Counter Signatures again, follow the same steps.