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System Configuration - Sensors

During the EMS installation process a default Site will have been created you can Edit the details for the default site, see the Sites section. The first time you run EMS the front or opening screen will look something like Figure 628 below.

Figure 628


Homepage New

Before you can start monitoring you will need to add some Sensors to EMS.

The front overview screen gives an overall view of the System; Sites can be added to the front screen or Dashboard up to six Sites can be added to the Dashboard, the Sites that are displayed on the Dashboard would normally be the primary Sites.

Each main Site can have up to six Sub Sites which gives a total of 36 Sites that can be displayed on the Dashboard. For larger Systems Sites can be viewed in a Text View format. See Figure 629 below.

Figure 629

Flow Chart

Sensors added to a Site are grouped into Zones.

Zones are viewed in a familiar Windows style tree. See 630 below:

Figure 630

System Configuration-Sensors

Note:If you are using a version of EMS prior to Version 1.0.9 / 2.0.3 (Compliant) the Windows style tree may have a slightly different appearance. See 631 below:

Figure 631

System Configuration - Sensors OLD

Zones allow large Systems to be sub-divided into logical groups of Sensors.

Zones can also be used when granting viewing Privileges.

When a Site contains many Sensors, granting Privileges for a whole site could still lead to a single User being overloaded with data that the particular User doesn't need.
Allocating the User Privileges to a Zone, within the Site, that contains only the Sensors relevant to the User can avoid this issue. Similarly, a User's access to an individual Sensor can be enabled by assigning them Access Privileges to a Zone containing just that Sensor.

Note:Access to individual Sensor's data can’t be assigned as a Privilege, only access to Sites and Zones can be assigned in this way.

There is no practical limit to the amount of Zones that can be added to an EMS System.