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System Configuration - Automated Alarm Functions

This Section describes the configuration of the email and SMS settings required for Automated Alarm functions.

To access the necessary System Configuration tools:

1.From within the System menu, select System configuration from the SYSTEM ADMIN list. See Figure 421 below:

Figure 421

System Menu - System Configuration2

By default, the Email Alert Global Settings window is displayed. See Figure 422 below:

Figure 422

System Configuration Window2

Note:If Email Alert Global Settings are being defined for the first time, a Save button will be displayed at the bottom of the window, rather than Update and Delete buttons.

2.Select the required Settings/Feature Group from the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION drop-down list. See Figure 423 below:

Figure 423

System Configuration Drop Down Menu 2

The SYSTEM CONFIGURATION drop-down list's entries are detailed via the following links:

Email Alert Global Setings (Default window)

SMS Alert Global Settings

Email Heartbeat Group

SMS Heartbeat Group

Email System Group

Set Email Times

SMS System Group

Set SMS Times

Check Email Feature

Check SMS Feature

SMS Power and Comms Group