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Smart Receiver (SR2) Pre-Requisites - Physical and Virtual

SR2 Pre-Requisites

This Section lists the pre-requisites – Physical and Virtual – needed to configure and install Hanwell SR2 Smart Receivers for operation on a network.

This information can, in most cases, be obtained from your IT Department.

Note:The required network information must be available prior to the commissioning of the System.

SR2 Physical Pre-Requisites

The following pre-requisites assume that a final location for the Hanwell SR2 Smart Receiver(s) has been defined after a radio survey. If this is not the case, the following should be factored in to deciding on the final location.

There should be:

A 24 hour mains outlet within 1.5m of the planned location.

An active 10/100BaseT (RJ45) LAN socket at the planned location, which is patched into the same network as the PC(s) from which EMS  is to be run.

If this socket is greater than 1m from the planned location, a suitable straight through CAT5 lead will be required. This can, in most cases, be supplied by the IT Department.

A suitable wall or structure on which the Smart Receiver can be mounted so that the antenna is vertical.

The planned location should NOT:

Be in an area subject to high temperature or humidity levels

Have any metallic objects within 0.3m of the antenna in any direction. This includes any structures hidden within walls, pillars etc.

SR2 Virtual Pre-Requisites

Each Smart Receiver requires a unique static IP address, which should be assigned by the IT Department.

This IP address should be accessible from the PC on which the software will run.

IP Address

For example:

_ _ _ . _ _ _ . _ _ _ . _ _ _

Subnet Mask

For example:

_ _ _ . _ _ _ . _ _ _ . _ _ _

Gateway Address

For example:

_ _ _ . _ _ _ . _ _ _ . _ _ _


If the IT Department requires a MAC Address in order to assign an IP Address, contact Hanwell Instruments to request it.

The MAC Address is also listed on a label on the ‘daughter’ (or Wiznet) P.C.B. inside the Smart Receiver, in the format:

xx : xx : xx : xx : xx : xx.