See: Document IM6033 - Hanwell IceSpy Calibration (W615) User Manual

See: Calibration Glossary of Terms


The Hanwell IceSpy Calibration Module is used in conjunction with the W615 Calibration application (Hanwell.Solutions.Calibration.exe), supplied with the Module and applies Calibration Set Point data to Hanwell IceSpy devices docked in the RFID Interface on the front of the Calibration Module. See Figure 183 below:

Calibration Module RFID Interface

Figure 183
Hanwell IceSpy Calibration Module


Built in LicencelicenseKey routine to communicate with Server.

Note:The Licencelicenseto use the Calibration Module will expire annually.

Hanwell Solutions Part No: IN-CM01.

Green LED for power (Normal State = On).

Alarm display - used to show failed communications.

Mains powered from supplied adaptor.

IP53 rated.


The Hanwell IceSpy Calibration Module would normally be used by a Calibration Engineer, on the Customer’s premises following a request. It should be placed flat on a table and connected by an RS485/USB cable to a USB port on the Engineer’s laptop, see Figure 184 below.

The W615 Calibration Application is used in conjunction with the Calibration Module and acts as a virtual display and keyboard.

1.The Hanwell IceSpy Transmitter(s) being calibrated must be placed on the Calibration Module's RFID Interface.

2.The Engineer then puts the Calibration Module into Calibration mode via the W615 Calibration Application.

When a Hanwell IceSpy Transmitter is put into Calibration mode, it sends messages to the System to identify that it is in Calibration mode and stop alarms.

3.Once the Unit has gone through its calibration routine the Engineer will take it out of Calibration mode.

When the Hanwell IceSpy Transmitter is taken out of Calibration mode, another message is sent to the System to say that it is back in Normal mode.

oIf, for some reason, the Hanwell IceSpy Transmitter has not been taken out of Calibration mode within 6 hours, an alarm is sent to warn that it is still in Calibration mode.

Note:All calibration details will be held in the Hanwell IceSpy Transmiter itself, so no adjustments to the Hanwell IceSpy data base are required.

See: IM6033 - Hanwell IceSpy Calibration (W615) User Manual


IceSpy Calibration Module Connections

Figure 184