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Troubleshooting - IceSpy

The Hanwell IceSpy system utilises a variety of sensors to transmit environmental monitoring data to a Base Station using a radio signal. This Base Station is connected to a Network Port and sends its data to the EMS application, located in the Cloud.

In the event of an issue with your System, please carry out the following tests:


Test Result




1.Is the Sensor Unit currently installed in the ambient space it is expected to be?

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Track down the Sensor Unit and ensure that it is mounted in the expected location.

If it can’t be found a replacement will be needed.

Contact Hanwell Support:
Tel: +44 1462 688 078

2.Is the Sensor Unit’s Transmit LED flashing every 1 minute?

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i.Replace the Sensor Unit’s battery with


New 1.5V AA Alkaline cells
Product Code: 88705-10 (10-pack)


Energiser 1.5V AA Lithium cells:
Product Code: G301-4 (4-pack).

Choice depends on temperature range of operating environment - Alkaline for general use, Energiser Lithium for cooler temperatures - with Energiser Lithium cells recommended as the best all-rounder.

ii.Test again.

iii.Check EMS for readings.

If it is still not working, then the sensor may need replacing.

Contact Hanwell Support:
Tel: +44 1462 688 078

3.Is the Base Unit plugged into the Power and Network Port?

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i.Plug the Unit into the correct Network Port.

ii.Plug the power plug in and ensure that it is on.


4.Is the Network Cable in good condition?

Move to Step 5

Replace the Network Cable and retest.

5.Is the Power LED on the Base Unit lit?

Move to Step 6

Test the power point with another electronic device.

If this works then the Base Unit or Transformer may need replacing.

Contact Hanwell Support:
Tel: +44 1462 688 078

If it doesn’t work there may be a power supply issue with this socket

Contact your Estates Department.

6.Is the Network LED on?

If the LED is illuminated but not flashing, the System should be working.

Contact Hanwell Support:
Tel: +44 1462 688 078

If the light is flashing, contact your IT Support regarding Network issues.

Refer to:

Hanwell IceSpy Network Receiver LEDs
for details on LED statuses

7.EMS has an error message

Refer to the main EMS Online Help Troubleshooting section

Contact Hanwell Support:
Tel: +44 1462 688 078

Please note, this system does not use WIFI to communicate. If WIFI is down, the only affect it will have will be on your laptop trying to access the internet to see EMS.