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Decimal Places

This functionality allows you to set the number of decimal places to be used to display Sensor data.

Setting the Number of Decimal Places

1.From the required Site's Live View window, select Decimal Places from the View Data menu. See Figure 1092 below:

Figure 1092

Decimal Places View Menu Drop Down2

The Decimal Place Setting window is displayed. See Figure 1093 below:

Figure 1093

Decimal Place Warning

2.Enter the number of decimal places you require in the Decimal Places: field.

Note:Maximum number of decimal places is 3.

3.Click on the Submit button.

A Warning dialog is displayed. See Figure 1094 below:

Figure 1094

Decimal Settings Warning Dialog Box

4.To reset all the number of Decimal Places used to display data from all Sensors, click Yes. To cancel the reset, click No.

A green message dialog box is displayed confirming the change. See Figure 1095 below:

Figure 1095

Decimal Places Record Updated Successfully