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Delete Sensors

Deleting Sensors from a Zone

To delete a Zone's existing Sensors:

1.From the required Site's Live View window, select Edit Mode from the main View Data menu. See Figure 765 below:

Figure 765

Edit Mode Add Zone

Click her for details on Deleting Sensors if you are using a version of EMS prior to Version 1.0.9 / 2.0.3 (Compliant)


The Edit Mode window is displayed. See Figure 770 below:

Figure 770

Edit Mode Window

By default, the Sensor and Zone editing/configuration window for the Zone at the top of the left-hand menu is displayed. See Figure 770 above.

To display another Zone's Editing and Configuration window, click on the entry for the required Zone in the left-hand menu. For an example, see  Figure 771 below:

Figure 771

Change Zone2

2.In the Edit Mode window:


Select [Delete] on the line corresponding to the Sensor you wish to delete. See  Figure 772 below:

Figure 772

Delete Sensors


Either - Check the box or boxes next to the Sensor or Sensors you wish to delete. See  Figure 773 below:

Figure 773

Delete Sensors Check Box

Or - Check the box next to the Sensor Name column heading to select all of a Zone's Sensors for deletion. See  Figure 774 below:

Figure 774

Delete Sensors Sensor Name Check Box

3.When you are happy that you have selected the correct Sensor or Sensors for deletion, click on the Delete Sensors button.

4.Click Yes on the displayed message window to delete the selected Sensors(s).

Click No to cancel the deletion.

See Figure 775 below:

Figure 775

Delete Sensor Yes No

Clicking on Yes will display the following message. See Figure 776 below:

Figure 776

Sensor Deleted Successfully3

hmtoggle_plus1        16 Channel Digital Sensor/Device Type (e.g. GutterWatch)