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Viewing Zones

Viewing a Site's Zones

1.Click on the Sites radio button.


Click on the View Data icon on the relevant Site's Dashboard icon. See Figure 636 below:

Figure 636

View Data Dashboard Icon



i.Select Table View from the OVERVIEW drop  down menu. See Figure 637 below:

Figure 637

Viewing Zones


The Sites Table View window is displayed. See Figure 638 below:

Figure 638

Sites Table View


ii.On the Sites Table View window, click on the View Data icon associated with the Site you wish to view the Zones for. See Figure 639 below:

Figure 639

Viewing Data Icon


In both cases, a Live View window for the selected Site is displayed, showing the Sensors associated with the first Zone listed (see 3 below). See Figure 640 below:

Figure 640
Live View Window

Live View Window 3

       To select another Zone, click here.

Clicking on a Sensor's Viewing Data Icon icon, in the Data column of the Zone's Live View window, displays a graph of the selected Sensor's Live data. See Figure 641 below:

Figure 641

Live View Single Sensor Graph

3.From the View Data drop-down menu, click on either Live View, Graph View, Plan View or Pie Chart View depending on how you wish to view the selected Zone's data. See Figure 642 below:

Figure 642

Live Graph Plan Pie Drop Down Menu

Note:By default, the Live View Window is shown.

A list of the Site's Zones is displayed in the selected drop-down menu.  See Figure 643 below:

Figure 643

Zones Drop Down List2

4.Select the required Zone from the displayed drop-down list to display its Sensor data in a Live View (see above), Graph View, Plan View or Pie Chart View window depending on which View was selected.

See Figure 641 above and  Figures 644, Figure 645 and Figure 646 below:

Figure 644
Graph View Window

Graph View Window

Figure 645
Plan View Window

Live - Plan View Window

Figure 646
Pie Chart View Window

Live View- Pie Chart Window