Alarm Types

There are four different types of Alarm within EMS:

Elapsed Time Warning Alarms

These occur when the System doesn’t receive a signal for the Elapsed Time Warning period.

The Elapsed Time Warning Period can be User defined with the correct System privileges.

Digital Alarms

These are triggered by binary state Sensors, i.e., either On or Off, sending a digital alarm message; for example, a door switch.  

Battery Alarms

These are triggered by either a received alarm signal or battery voltage. See Replacement Batteries.

Threshold Alarms

These are triggered by a value/reading staying above or below a value for a defined period.

Times can be based on real time or the number of signals received

When an alarm occurs it will be entered into the Event Log and, when it’s acknowledged, the Event Log will reflect this as well.

User details of the person acknowledging alarm will be entered into the Event Log along with the actions taken.

Subsequent additions can be appended to the Comment field, but editing of existing comments is not possible.

This section will take you through setting Alarms.

Alarm Parameters/Levels

Advanced Alarm Settings

Alarm Notes