This feature allows you to enter Notes relating to a Sensor/Transmitter's Alarm.

Alarm Notes are especially useful for inexperienced operators, giving them instructions on what to do when an Alarm occurs.

For example:In the middle of the night the temperature increases in a room or space containing high value objects and an Alarm is generated. The night shift operative or security guard will be presented with the Alarm Note which states:
On a high temperature alarm contact facilities on Ext 235 and report the alarm condition and the room location”.

The System can be set up so that low level Users can monitor the System and respond to alarms, but can’t make changes.

This feature means that someone not familiar with an area or its contents can still effectively and efficiently deal with an alarm condition.

Accessing and Editing Alarm Notes

To Access the Alarm Notes for a Sensor/Transmitter's Alarm:

1.From the required Site's Live View window, select Edit Mode from the main View Data menu. See Figure 865 below:

Figure 865

Edit Zone Entry View Data Drop Down Menu

Click here for details on Alarm Notes if you are using a version of EMS prior to Version 1.0.9 / 2.0.3 (Compliant)

The Site's Edit Mode window is displayed. See Figure 871 below:

Figure 871

Edit Mode Window

By default, the Sensor and Zone editing/configuration window for the Zone at the top of the left-hand menu is displayed.

To display another Zone's Edit Mode window, click on the entry for the required Zone in the left-hand menu. For an example, see Figure 872 below:

Figure 872

Change Zone2


i.In the left-hand list of the Zone's Edit Mode window, click on the small 'arrow' symbol to display a list of the Sensors associated with the Zone. See Figure 873 below:

Figure 873

Zone Sensor Arrow Symbol


ii.In the left-hand list, click on the required Sensor's icon Sensor Icon.


In table in the Zone's Edit Mode window, click on the required Sensor's name in the Sensor Name column. See Figure 874 below:

Figure 874

Select Sensor Name Edit Mode Table

The Edit Mode window for the selected Sensor is displayed.  See Figure 875 below:

Figure 875

Edit Mode Window for Sensor

3.Click on the ALARMS pane at the bottom of the Edit Mode window to access the Alarm Parameter/Level functionality.  See Figure 875 above.

The ALARMS pane is displayed. See Figure 876 below:

Figure 876

Sensor Properties Alarms

4.Click on the Alarm Notes tab to display the Alarm Notes pane for the selected Sensor/Transmitter. See Figure 877 below:

Figure 877

Alarm Note Window

5.Type your Sensor/Transmitter's Alarm Note into the Alarm Notes dialog box or edit an existing Alarm Note.

6.When happy, click Save. See Figure 877 above.

This will save the Alarm Note and either associate the Note with, or update the existing Note of, the currently selected Sensor/Transmitter.

If the Update has been successful, you will be returned to the Zone's Edit Mode window and the following message will be displayed. See 878 below:

Figure 878

Calibration Default Values OK


Individual Alarm Notes can be assigned for every Sensor/Transmitter on the System.