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Associating a Sensor with a CR3 (NW) Control Device

To associate a Sensor with a CR3 (NW) Control Device, once it has been added to a Zone, as outlined in Add/Assign Sensors:

Click here for details on Associating a Sensor with a CR3 (NW) Control Device if you are using a version of EMS prior to Version 1.0.9 / 2.0.3 (Compliant)

1.From the GENERAL INFORMATION pane in the Add Sensor window, select the Control Device Group, created previously in the Create a Device Group window. See Figure 712 below:

Figure 712

Associate Sensor CR2 GPRS New

2.Enter the required Sensor Data Logging Interval into the Logging Interval (Mins): field. See Figure 713 below:

Figure 713

Logging Interval Field

When setting the Logging Interval, be aware that if the measured parameter values are likely to change rapidly, then the Sensor Data Logging Interval needs to be short enough to ensure that the full range of parameter value variation is captured.

3.Click Save to save the changes.


iSense Sensors are handled as a special Sensor in EMS.

They are not part of a Control Device Group and have a special PID value of zero.

EMS collects iSense data by making an outgoing TCP/IP connection to the Hanwell Remote Data Service.

As this connection is made to the standard HTTP Port (8081) on the Hanwell Remote Data Service, the System operates in the vast majority of cases with no need to make Network or Firewall configuration changes.