Hanwell IceSpy SMS Module

Figure 222

The SMS Module (Hanwell Solutions Part No: IN-TA001) is an optional add-on to the Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy Systems which enables out of condition and/or System alarms, generated from the wireless monitoring System, to be sent as SMS messages to mobile phones.

See SMS Global Settings, SMS System Alerts, User Alerts, and SMS Heartbeat, for details of SMS configuration.

Key Features:


External aerial.

Red LED for alarm (normal state off), green LED for power (normal state on), yellow LED for communications (normal state on).

OLED display showing signal strength and alarm message status.

Base push-button – quick press shows setup and signal strength, (RSSI), 5-second press sends SMS test message.

Mains powered from a supplied adapter.

TCP/IP communications.

Two on-board Relays, one configured for alarm activation - driven by EMS Local Alarms, one for communications and power failure.

Rechargeable battery backup, to send power fail messages.

SIM socket – accessed from back of battery compartment.

IP53 rated.

SMS Module Datasheet.