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Replacing a Faulty Sensor

Having physically swapped the faulty Sensor for a new one, configure it to work with EMS as follows:

Note:The following information assumes that you are logged in via an account with Edit Mode privileges.

1.From the required Site's Live View window, select Edit Mode from the main View Data menu. See Figure 731 below:

Figure 731

Edit Mode Add Zone

Click here for details on Replacing a Faulty Sensor if you are usin a version of EMS prior to Version 1.0.9 / 2.0.3 (Compliant)


The Edit Mode window is displayed. See Figure 735 below:

Figure 735

Edit Mode Window


By default, the Sensor and Zone editing/configuration window for the Zone at the top of the left-hand menu is displayed.

To display another Zone's Edit Mode window, click on the entry for the required Zone in the left-hand menu. For an example, see Figure 736 below:

Figure 736

Change Zone2



i.In the left-hand list of the Zone's Edit Mode window, click on the small 'arrow' symbol to display a list of the Sensors associated with the Zone. See Figure 737 below:

Figure 737

Zone Sensor Arrow Symbol


ii.In the left-hand list, click on the required Sensor's icon Sensor Icon.


In table in the Zone's Edit Mode window, click on the Sensor to be replaced in the Sensor Name column. See Figure 738 below:

Figure 738

Select Sensor Name Edit Mode Table

The Edit Mode window for the Sensor to be replaced is displayed.  See Figure 739 below:

Figure 739

Edit Mode Window for Sensor


3.Change the Hardware Serial Number to that of the new Sensor.

The Hardware Serial Number can be found on the back of the transmitter and should be entered in the following format, 0113-00001.

Note: You can enter a 0 (zero) for the Hardware Serial Number. If a 0 (zero) is entered, the Hardware Serial Number will be filled in automatically by the EMS Management Application when the Sensor is synchronised (see 6. below).

4.If applicable, change the value of the Sensor's Physical ID.

5.Click on the Save button.

The Sensor's details are updated and you are returned to the Zone's Edit Mode window.

A message is displayed confirming that the Sensor has been updated successfully. See example in Figure 740 below:

Figure 740

Sensor Updated Successfully Message

6.Depending on the installation, use the EMSRemoteManagementTool utilities to synchronise the new Sensor with EMS; updating its Serial Number and Calibration details and setting its Physical ID.

See IM6000 EMS Remote Management Tool manual for more details.