Physical Installation of the ARB Module

Configuring the ARB Module

Adding ARB Module Sensors

Editing/Viewing ARB Module Sensors


The ARB Module (Hanwell Solutions Part No: IN-NA002) is an optional piece of IP53 rated hardware that works in conjunction with either Hanwell IceSpy or Hanwell Pro Systems to provide additional functionality, including alarms, RFID and Bluetooth. See Figure 230 below.

The ARB Module provides Users with additional functionality, such as:

Visual Alarms and Audio Alarms from either the integral buzzer or external Alarm Beacons activated by the module's relay outputs.

Integral buzzer volume: 90dB at 10cm

RFID for Data Backfill.

A Bluetooth interface for interacting with handheld devices - not available with other Hanwell devices.

These convenient, wall mountable, Alarm Modules can be connected anywhere on the EMS network where alarm information is required. See Figure 229 below:

Figure 229

ARB Module 2

ARB Modules have been designed specifically to provide users with visible alarm displays via the front OLED display.

From an ARB Module, users can acknowledge alarms and mute buzzer sound alerts via a reset button and cycle through alarm information via the keypad.

The ARB Module can provide alarm triggered outputs on either the Module's internal relays or an RS485 output to associated Hanwell MS1000 System Relay Cards.

Alarms can be programmed from a PC via the ARB Module.

TCP/IP communications capability enables ARB Modules to communicate with each other, via the PC software, for relay activation.

In the unlikely event of gaps in data, the RFID interface and cradle enables quick and accurate data backfill directly from transmitters.

Additional Bluetooth capabilities enable users to interface data directly to the EMS System from TME HM007 ThermoBarScan hand-held temperature recording devices and download mobile temperature/ barcode readings from them via Bluetooth.

ARB Modules are mains powered from the supplied adaptor.

Note: The ARB Module does not have battery back-up as it cannot power the network from a battery. If network or power failure notification is required an EMS SMS Unit could provide this function.


Figure 230

ARB Installation Schematic

ARB Module Datasheet