TME MM7000 Initial Configuration

Taking a Reading with the TME MM7000

Upload Data to an ARB Module from a TME MM7000


Barcode Readings

The TME MM7000 ThermoBarScan is a hand held temperature recording device with a Sensor probe, integral barcode scanner and Bluetooth capabilities. See Figure 229 below:

Figure 229


MM700 Probe 1      

MM7000 Probe 2

TME MM7000

Typical Temperature/Thermocouple Probes

The TME MM7000 can record product/area location and identity plus time, date and temperature, with the Bluetooth communication functionality enabling transmission of collected data to a PC, mobile phone, PDA or an ARB module.

The initial configuration of the TME MM7000 is carried out via the Hanwell ThermoBarScan software installed on a PC.